To brief

/ ‘brēf /


a : to give precise instructions to
b : to coach thoroughly in advance
c : to give essential information to

: to discuss (as a military operation)
in a briefing <briefed the mission>

We are pleased to see you come this far.

The short form that follows is the first step to help us and yourself understand the condition of your brand and establish what can we do to help it grow and evolve.

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Who is responsible for the management of your brand?
Brand management department
An external agency
2 / 9
Could the core of your brand be summarized in a single, simple statement, which can be used as a behavioral guideline in any given situation, by anyone associated with the brand?
3 / 9
Do you see your brand as capable of being recognized through its behavior alone, without showing the logo or any other element of visual identity?
4 / 9
If your customer was to describe the most unique feature of your brand what would it be?
5 / 9
How would you describe the importance of this branding exercise?
An identity refreshment to keep up with the trends
A natural response to the evolution of the company
A long-term investment
6 / 9
What will be the most important step for your brand 6 months from now?
7 / 9
What would you like us to achieve for your brand?
Specific scope of work:
I am open for participation in a consultative brand design process.
8 / 9
When are you looking to implement the assigned changes?
Specific deadline:
Unspecified long-term consultancy
9 / 9
What is the budget designated toward this exercise?Understanding your goals and the designated budget allows us to return to you with a customized offer and to mutually schedule project milestones. Having an honest scope of investment on both sides will only improve the design process.
Percentage of quarterly marketing budget:
I am still budgeting / Maybe

Why would anyone dare to pass judgment over your brand by introducing a series of simple questions? Well… you are right. There are no easy answers, no universal guidelines, no brand horoscopes, nor instant solutions. We can’t tell you which character from a book your brand is, but what we can tell already, that there is a lot that can be achieved to improve your brand.

Answering our brief questionnaire must have been quite a facile exercise but a one that proved there is focus and vision behind your brand. I guess the next question is: What is the next challenge your brand awaits? As we are all ears and excited to undertake the challenge together. Excited about the future of this benevolent acquaintance. NECON.

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LeRoy & Louis

Industry / Location

Macaron manufacturer / Warsaw, Poland / Astana, Kazakhstan

Scope of Work

Visual Identity / Packaging design / Studio Photography

Majority of our clients have only a brief idea on how their brand should be perceived. With
Le Roy & Louis the story was quite unprecedented – a very strong and clear brand mission and vision was present from the start, derived from the two strongest qualities of their produce – elegance and character.


Le Roy & Louis is a new company on the market, a manufacturer of macarons with roots stemming from Paris. Well aware of the decadence associated with this delicacy Le Roy & Louis asked us to create a modernized marketing identity but nevertheless one that was still inspired by the Baroque style and Parisian chic.


Le Roy & Louis – brand rooted in Parisian beauty and elegance.
Just as the macarons they produce.


By emphasizing product qualities and original tastes we looked for a way to present them  as ‘small pieces of art’. By bringing them into a ‘Louvresque’ environment we created a perfect surrounding for magnificence.

Versailles pattern as an artistic background
for the product bestowing extravagance
and vibrance.


With such a delicate product and a very high level of expectations in terms of quality, we decided to make the photography in-house. In perfect studio environment we managed to captured the royal essence contained within the macarons themselves.

This proved to be one of the best decisions made on this project which allowed us to maintain absolute excellence in presentation.