Restarting a pioneer

MWG has reached a point in development, where growth overshadowed and diluted the ideas and values that guided the company for the past years. Moving forward, catching up to the younger players and even more so: surpassing their communication, requires an approach that strays away from spontaneous product-centric communication and kick-starts a process of becoming a brand.
The research effort lead us to reposition the brand and provide behavioral guidelines establishing MWG as the pioneer they had always been.


Grocery eCommerce Platform / Winooski, VT, USA


Communication Analysis / Communication Design / Visual Identity / Print Design / Web Design & Development


MWG’s new identity system needed to reflect the progressive mindset of the brand
and strongly differentiate from the clichéd style of competitors.

Over a couple of intensive days at MWG HQ in Vermont, we were given a chance to collaborate with every department to gather as much perspective as possible to build a proper image of the complicated service.

The team’s dedication, involvement and absolute honesty were enlightening and almost immediately paved the way for the new brand communication strategy.

We’ve developed a brand visual language that offers a tangible way of describing the complexities of MWG’s Grocery Experience Platform.

Transfering the tactile identity onto print allowed for some simple elegant embossings, giving context for the contents within.

We have also worked closely with MWG to reduce the overwhelming complexity of descriptions and streamline user experience, at the same time utilizing the full potential of the new identity in animations and infographics.

The MWG Innovation and Learning Labs, aka The MILL is MWG’s go-to research and resource center. Mulitple behavioral expressions of the new brand have been designed with The MILL in mind, so its significance demanded a dedicated visual identity.

MWG engaged Necon to lead a company-wide, brand refresh as we sought to reposition our brand within both the retail grocery and consumer packaged goods verticals. From the very start of Necon’s discovery process, we knew that we had selected the right partner capable of modernizing our brand through a wide range of agency deliverables. We loved Necon’s passion for this project, their ability to listen to our wants/needs as well as serve as an objective coach in assisting us in the next stage of growth.


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