Centima – one of the largest polish manufacturers of in-store expositors approached us with a need to expand their communication reach and refresh their market presence. Homogeneity is the usual problem with such product-oriented marketplaces. The case of Centima was no different.


Manufacturer of expositors / Wroclaw, Poland


Communication Design / Visual identity / Photography / Print design & management / Web design & development

Spending time at Centima we learned that they stood firmly for a set well-defined values.

Surprisingly those values were never properly expressed externally. We confronted the findings with the rest of the market and gave Centima a distinct communicated personality.

Honesty and simplicity are the backbone of Centima’s new communication. The values are expressed through a visual identity, which strays from any unnecessary ornamentation.

We photographed Centima’s process trying to reproduce the true roughness and craftsmanship.

Steel, sparks, beating of the hammer and the humming of machinery.

With photos, videos and frame animations we were able to reveal the textures and details creating sensory experience of the production processes. To complete the look different stages of production and areas of service were represented with isometric illustrations in line with the chosen simplistic brand style.

The new brand called for proper digital representation to reach much wider audiences and provide easy access to project monitoring to current customers. So we delivered.


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