Sema Connect

SemaConnect is an industry leader in building EV charging networks in the U.S. Working closely together we had the opportunity to help shape the coming of age of an innovative, flourishing market. In this spirit, in August 2014 we launched a redesigned SemaConnect website. Designed identity that followed is consistent with the mission/vision of moving the transportation industry into a cleaner, greener future SemaConnect stands for.


EV charging station developer / Bowie, MD, USA


Communication strategy / Visual Identity / Brand collateral design / Print management / Web design & development / Brand consulting

What began in 2013 as a refreshment of visual identity, developed into a thorough and responsible brand consultancy. In August 2014 we launched a redesigned SemaConnect website.

We designed identity that followed the vision of its user: moving the transportation industry into a cleaner, greener future.

Images associated with social activism have been replaced with ones containing less emotions and more thought. A more accountable image of a leader is the appropriate attire.

For the stationery, we took a more elegant approach. All pieces were created with silver foil stamping a high quality metallic paper.

Influential, responsibility driven identity. In line with the emerging future of electric mobility.

By applying better constructed typography and redesigning the brandmark, we managed to present the client with an overall product of higher quality. Cheerful “go green” identity although perfectly fitting the mall parking lots from the suburbs, was nowhere near the business requirements of SemaConnect.


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